Friday, January 16, 2009



Back in the day I climbed trees,  
                 Back in the day I chased butterflies, 
                            Back in the day I did not wear a watch, 
                                     Back in the day I did not tie my shoes, 
                                              Back in the day I built Forts of cardboard boxes, 
                                                       Back in the day I skipped stones, 
                                                                Back in the day I ate ice cream til it hurt my teeth,
                                                                           Back in the day I took naps.
                                                                                   Back in the day I played games.

                                                                                   Now I cry because I see children killed for                                                                                       walking down the street, I hear horrors of others                                                                            starving because they dont have food to eat, I feel cold                                                               listening to stories of Forts being made to protect people from                                                    Bombs dropping, Upside down, right side up, the world is spinning                                            all amuck. 

           So I pray we re-turn to simpler days, 

to simpler ways, 

                            to less violence beginning from inside, 

moving then to outside.  

Change perception, 
                                  change perspective, 
                                                                     change our point of view.  

Balance life not by some threads, instead by a chain. 

A chain thats bound by the iron of Love's unconditional rain.

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