Monday, July 27, 2009

Larry & Erika

Truth. Integrity. Potty Mouth. Philly Style. Pure Romance. Good People.  

Away. Together.


Gary Grier

Artist. Bicycle tester. BBQ Lover.  Spiritual.

Friday, July 17, 2009

arm balances

Blessed to take a yoga workshop "happy hour" tonite led by Kathryn Budig.  Impossible made possible, sweat, LAUGHTER, little popcorn popping, head to heart, goood times.  
Image sourced off of google images, originally taken by Jaspar Johal and in no way is a photograph I took.  Really beautiful though all around.

Guitar Lesson....Rumba....

Yeah, been looking at this acoustic guitar gifted to me years ago.  Never played, always enjoying its tuning by others and the stories to follow.  Needless to say, seeing the video I am pairing with this post is inspiring me to say "yes". To say "perhaps".  Love gettin out of the head and into the body, into this moments now...enjoy.


Funny. Serious. Yoga Instructor. Jello lover. 

costa rica

Been thinking about Costa a bunch these days.  Fish. Beer. Surf. Pura Vida.


Courageous. Playful. Football Coach. Husband.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Continuing my search for a logo. Mushroom Hunting Cainhoy, SC

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alena Fede

Designer: Alena Fede
Purses: Robin Lee

MUA: Lisa Burson, Robin Lee

Stylist: Paul from Paris

Assistants: Jason Kaumeyer, Reese Moore

Models: Adrianne, Callie, Annie, Marisa, Lisa

Photographer: Me

Location: A room, a porch, a doorway and a street....

Monday, July 6, 2009


Dancer. Instructor.  Artist.  Very cool. 

wedding promo.

Just another manic monday

Now I am supposed to write something about going crazy, losing my S*#@ and fallin off the deep end....because of some song and some memory and some thought and some....monday.


Putting on an appearance. Combed hair, shoelaces tight.
Outfit ready...Time to shine. Time to be somebody. Time to say,  "Yeah World here I come."
Forget breakfast, forget the goldilocks and the three bears, no porridge for this guy.
On, up, out, now...NOW.  

But, of the fear...I mean the kind that pushes the alarm off when it MUST be left ON.
The self sabotaging, gutless, self centered, DAMN SON A BITCH. 
The kind that snaps, NO! that forgets love and heart and intimacy and....going slow. 
I got that side galore....some days.

Some days not....LIKE today, ooh the red engine that could is primed.
The door is opening...SKIES are blue.
No plans, only goals, no certainty, nor uncertainty.
Only DREAMS and WONDER and ADVENTURE and...   mystery.

See I am lost. Two worlds, one reality. Paradox then, now and later.
Yet I am ready, I AM READY, I AM.....scared. No this does not work this way.
Not yes, not no, not anything.   What to do, where to go...hide, open, stand still..what to DO.?
Choice, choice   CHOICE.

The day is brave.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Debut of wedding site

HeirloomCreative Weddings is UP!

"We are a boutique studio....

       No this does not mean we sell deliciously scented candles or fabulous dresses, although we have plenty of great reccomendations.  

      HeirloomCreative Photography is a boutique because we work hand in hand with you, the client and future friend.  Professional in all matters, easy throughout the day, when you hire Andrew and his team of assistants, you are gaining so much more than a "wedding photographer".  

      You are receiving the opportunity to be in the hands of individuals who are creative, bold, and willing to meet your needs...unless you want to bungee jump while getting married.  Yeah we are not there yet, though Jason said he would be willing to do it, possibly.

      We tailor packages to fit your needs. We understand that not all flowers are exactly the same.  Need a professional photographer for an hour, got it.  Want to get married underwater, sure.  Need us to dress up in antebellum costumes to maintain the integrity of the event....well, if I can look like John Wayne, we are so in.  

      You see, getting married is all about YOU; we just happen to be blessed to be a part of your dream.  So tell us what your looking for, if its reasonable, lets do it!  "


Graffiti Artist.

Profile Project continued

Shooting for the extremely talented painter Amy Lind for an upcoming show has been a bit anxiety provoking.  How does one determine what an artist will want to paint.  Fear aside, I just went for it....the project continues....

Gourmet Bay Catering

Quick pre wedding reception shoot.  

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Been a while.

Geez time flies when having fun.  Summer is officially here as evidenced by the sweltering heat, sunburns and excuses to get outside and SHOOT!  Between travels I have had some amazing times photographing high fashion, food and favorites.  Some new work...