Friday, January 16, 2009

Fly Sky High.

Clipped. Snipped. Drama told.  

I dont believe I can.I dont believe I can.

Story is the same, game is just a game.  

Searching out my fame, as a Liar of the fold.

Light falls all around. Lighting up the sky, lighting up

my mind.
Darkness holds its grasp, til sunlight presses past.

No longer do I say that I do not believe.

Higher, Higher, High.  

I climb into the sky.

Creating. Manifesting. Living. Drama is so old. 
I believe I can. I believe I can. 

Gratitude. Life. Love.

Industry of the Ordinary.

Listening to a project by I.O.T.O. about Faith, I considered what I have Faith in.  Answer for me.....

                    Peanut Butter and Jelly.  

To hear what some in the public said, check out this audio clip....


Richard Avedon. Patrick Hoelck. Marilyn Monroe. Kermit. Leon the homeless Guy. Caravaggio. Rembrandt. Salvador Dali. Salt Water Taffy. Coke Classic in a Bottle (not bullshit plastic). Ashley. Animals. Non-Animals. Botticelli. Rodin. Canon. Mom and Pops. Sis. Friends. Enemies. Giacometti. Picasso. Van Gogh. Ansel Adams. You. Me. Pop Rocks. Sketch Pads. Burning Spear. Mozart. Punk Rock. Wild Mushrooms. Candles. Ancient Sculptures. Jesus. Buddha. Hefner (stuffed animal). Sushi. Pizza. Marc Lee Hauser. Julie Blackman. Geez this may take a while....more later.



Back in the day I climbed trees,  
                 Back in the day I chased butterflies, 
                            Back in the day I did not wear a watch, 
                                     Back in the day I did not tie my shoes, 
                                              Back in the day I built Forts of cardboard boxes, 
                                                       Back in the day I skipped stones, 
                                                                Back in the day I ate ice cream til it hurt my teeth,
                                                                           Back in the day I took naps.
                                                                                   Back in the day I played games.

                                                                                   Now I cry because I see children killed for                                                                                       walking down the street, I hear horrors of others                                                                            starving because they dont have food to eat, I feel cold                                                               listening to stories of Forts being made to protect people from                                                    Bombs dropping, Upside down, right side up, the world is spinning                                            all amuck. 

           So I pray we re-turn to simpler days, 

to simpler ways, 

                            to less violence beginning from inside, 

moving then to outside.  

Change perception, 
                                  change perspective, 
                                                                     change our point of view.  

Balance life not by some threads, instead by a chain. 

A chain thats bound by the iron of Love's unconditional rain.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jon Lajoie. Musician/Comedian

Check out Jon Lajoie for a laugh.  
Great musician.
Everyday Normal Guy.

Why not Wig out.......

Recently I remembered how much fun it is to get dressed into a character, 

put on a wig, mask, 
what have you and go out.   

Am I me
or this other energy form,
what am I, 
who am I.  I decide.  
See I choose to stay at home with my Beloved's; Ashely, Books, Cat, Apples, PB&J, good stuff....

moving/shaking/re-turning to the world is scary for me, 


thats why I put on a mask, a label, a model and walk outside each day.  
Put one on as a joke, WHOA! talk about irony, talk about pun intended.  Sheesh, gotta work, gotta run, gotta have fun.  

Why so heavy, why so heavy.
Oh yeah, wig, glasses, disco sixty polyester pants. pumas with just the right touch of class.

Disco party, 

lets I remember no matter if mask is on or off 
I am that I am.  I decide.

"random thoughts on wigs"

Folly's Fog



Fog rolling in, swelling confusion.
Flight un--------------------------------------------------------------------------------bound, those who fly.
Drifted, wasted, on the sand. Lost.
Seashell hunting, delight, focus, breathe, listen.
I forgot the bag, screw it I have pockets.
Improvise, listen, cold sand, drifting in, flying out.
Ca        me          ra                             in hand....thank God.
Lost. Searching, end of the road, turn around.
Turn around,                                                                   found, lost,
Foggy Follies on Folly.
Snap. Click. Pop. Remember, breathe, listen.....found.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its UP!

So after many hours of fine tuning, led by the skillful hand and infinite creativity of Megan Lange of Robert Lange Studios of Charleston, South Carolina, the new look for HeirloomCreative is on-line. WHEW! 

Megan, Rob and I put much thought into how the site might look conveying a sense of both my personal style while maintaining a professional angle.  

My work, passion and play is art, first and foremost photography, though I am also a Chef and Yoga Instructor, so honoring other areas of my life has been important in this process.

My intention for this blog is to post stories of what is happening in my world, publish images that do not find a place on the "main page".  I love giving, sharing and sending out gratitude for all the AMAZING experiences I am blessed to be a part of.  

This blog will be a place to find out what is going on with me.  I thank you for your time and hope you enjoy!